IGS Knives, Inc.

IGS Precision Grinds Paper Tube Saws


IGS Knives has developed and built unique machinery to perform paper tube saw sharpening. Our sharpening service for this type of knife is unsurpassed. Contact us to discuss what we can do for your budget.

IGS researched this industry thoroughly and designed machinery to precision grind all types of paper tube saws. Precision grinding is far superior to the obsolete "filing method."

Accurate tooth indexing produces a concentric, clean-cutting saw every time.

Send dull paper tube saws to IGS for sharpening and extend the life of your tool. We sharpen saws up to 12" in diameter.

Our technicians can trouble shoot cutting problems and make adjustments to your paper tube saws. We want to work with our customers in order to save them time, tooling, and money.

Contact IGS for a FREE TRIAL sharpening today.


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