IGS Knives, Inc.

in-Line Trimming Tooling

Gammerler Knives

IGS stocks a large inventory of carbide teeth/segments for Gammerler top knives. We can offer a competitive price for resale.

Gammerlers sent in for resharpening or rebuilding can be returned ASAP, depending on the customer’s deadline. If required, overnight service can be arranged

Call IGS to schedule your first FREE resharpening of the Gammerler top knife.  Your tooling will look and work like new after our service has restored it to specifications.

Call IGS for more information on our multi-directional back-up top knives for Gammerler equipment.

IGS manufactures and resharpens Gammerlet top knives and bottom anvils.

Tooth segment replacement always available.

New Customer Offer for IGS Quality:
ONE FREE Gammerler Top Knife Sharpening Overnight service available upon request.

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Gammerler Knives picture 1 Gammerler Knives picture 2

Custom-Bilt & Rock Built Knives

IGS KNIVES, INC. manufactures and sharpens 9” and 5” O. D. circular serrated top slitters used in Custom Bilt and Rock Built equipment.  Slitter blanks are always in stock.  When ordering, please state the top knife O.D. and the number of teeth per slitter for your trimming requirements. 

We also manufacture and resharpen the 5-5/8” O.D. bottom anvil/knife used with the top slitters.

Send the IGS slitters and anvils back to us for resharpening.  IGS will save your company money by resharpening these tools



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Custom-Bilt & Rock Built Knives


IGS KNIVES INC. manufactures and resharpens top knives in the European design pictured below.

IGS KNIVES, INC. has also developed a new universal design top knife for AMG, STI, RIMA and ROTA-SCHNEIDER. Don’t worry about having enough right or left hand top knives. Our new universal design eliminates that problem. The IGS design also lasts longer as it is manufactured with more carbide in order to be resharpened many times at a fraction of the cost of a new knife.

Benefits of The IGS Design:

  • Stronger Teeth
  • Longer Knife Life
  • More Resharpenings
  • Clean Cut

IGS manufactures and sharpens solid carbide 6” bottom anvils for RIMA, ROTA-SCHNEIDER, STI, and AMG.

We also manufacture and sharpen 3” bottom anvils. If you have worn out or damaged 3” bottom anvils for your ROTA-SCHNEIDER, give us a call. We can retrofit with new carbide – no need to purchase new bottom knives.



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RIMA/Rota-Schneider/STI picture 1 RIMA/Rota-Schneider/STI picture 2 RIMA/Rota-Schneider/STI picture 3