IGS Knives, Inc.

Cut-Off Knives

Working in conjunction with large newspaper, commercial printing facilities, and press manufacturers around the USA has allowed IGS Knives to develop, test, and perfect cut-off and cross-head perf web press folder knives.

If IGS does not have your cut-off or perf knife in stock, an expedited manufacturing process goes into effect. Within 10 working days or less, your order will be filled.

The IGS staff understands demanding dead-lines. Don't wait 16 - 22 weeks for imported tooling when you can purchase American-made custom knives from IGS KNIVES, INC.


Don't throw away cut-off knives. Purchase IGS Knives and have them sharpened.

IGS Knives last longer and can be sharpened at one-half the price of a new knife. Return your IGS manufactured knives for sharpening and save money in your knife budget.

One-piece custom knives can be made to your particular specifications. Send your cut-off, perf knives or segments to IGS. We will work with you to develop the tooth pattern you need.

Order one-piece web press cut-off knives from IGS for your ATF, DEV, Goss, Hantscho, Harris, Mitsubishi, Man-Roland, Solna, Tensor, Toshiba, etc.

The IGS knife is manufactured from tool steel and can be resharpened several times which is only one of the benefits listed below:

  • Quicker Installation
  • Less Paper Dust
  • Gives Cleaner Cut
  • No Segment Adjustment
  • Resharpen
  • Longer Knife Life
  • Works Great with Recycled Paper
  • Not a Throw-Away Knife
  • Uses Less Silicone

IGS KNIVES, INC. will manufacture your cut-off and perf knives from segment samples. Custom perf knives can be made to your particular specifications.

We are confident that our knives will improve your run-time and quality of product.

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